Over the years I've seen clients progress at different speeds. This was measured by how much time he/she needed continuous therapy; quick progress/less therapy vs. slow progress/more therapy. I was sure that a client's faster or slower improvement was due to four factors:

1- the severity of childhood trauma.

2- a client's age and if he/she had been in therapy before.

3- consistency in their commitment to coming to therapy.

4- cognitive ability.

However, my observations lead me to a surprising but undeniable conclusion: The greatest factor that determines a client's therapeutic progress and the speed at which they show marked improvements in therapy is their diet and nutritional habits. I found that clients who chose to begin a healthy diet, mostly plant-based, eliminating sugar, alcohol, and processed foods while in therapy were 80-90% more likely to experience faster progress and, in turn, need less time in my office. I also found that clients who maintained a healthier attitude along with a healthier nutritional practice were more likely to return to my office for a brief therapy only to reinforce a previous insight or breakthrough, request help with a present crisis or just "check-in" with me. This therapy is primarily based on my research.

Susan's Research

"Psychotherapy, without a well-balanced, consistent nutritional component will not be as effective as psychotherapy with a well-balanced, consistent nutritional component." Susan 

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