Push the World Forward

The dreams inside you are your responsibility. There is a system in place for their fruition and developing life. The dreams inside you have their own life- they are autonomous from you, like children. And like children our dreams are born to us to learn from, cultivate and then set free. All of our creations are meant to push the world further, the collective further, the people further. All of our dreams are our responsibility. This is the Age of Responsibility. Take the desire, the dream that is in you and bare it's name out into the ether. Act on the desire and watch reciprocity come to meet your action. This process is meant to change you, to remove doubt and humble you. It will also remove obstacles that you do not want to give up or let go of. If you do not quit, if you keep on through all the temptations to quit and temptations to give up and hide you will be set free. You will hear only freedom in people's voices, in their actions and in your own. The end result is your purpose, clearly defined and given back to the world. The resulting joy is delicious.

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