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I work with emotions, people's emotions. There is perhaps nothing more interesting or compelling. At least that's the way I look at it. I believe the essential topic that encompasses all fields of study in human life is human emotions. My attitude toward my work makes my work seem hugely relevant and important which makes me feel good about what I do but I also believe it is true.

Think about it, emotions have had something to do with everything that has happened thus far in human history. Emotions launched us to the moon. Emotions created democracy. Emotions inspired the Pyramids of Giza. Emotions pushed out the limits of the mind to the discoveries of penicillin, flight and electricity. Emotions pulled the trigger in every war in history and emotions burned it up, beat it up, and killed. I believe that if we want to find a solution to any problem, great or small we can look first to our emotions for the principle source of the problem.

Emotions. Why are they so powerful? Why do we spend enormous amounts of energy, often herculean acts to ease, release, avoid, satisfy, change our emotions? It is a universal principle that we must feel our feelings, our emotions in order to mature and grow and to maintain balance and health. I have witnessed and experienced first hand the consequences of refusing to feel certain unwanted or painful emotions. Eventually, avoiding or suppressing emotions leads to death, directly or indirectly. Emotions demand our attention. When we acknowledge them they work to our benefit and even bring great wisdom and life skills. When we ignore them they are tyrannical and merciless.

So I ask, What is the way to find the universal principles that govern emotion? How do we use our emotions deliberately? What are emotions? Why are they so paramount to balance and health? Do emotions happen to us? Do they occur to us? Or are they chemicals that we unconsciously muster to recreate the familiar? And if so, are there "good emotions" and "bad emotions?" We know that "bad emotions," even if they are familiar have negative effects on the functioning of the body; bad emotions like fear and stress cause all kinds of physical and mental imbalance that eventually manifests itself in illness. While good emotions encourage greater health and balance and generate expansiveness, creativity and direction.

There is more to discover about human emotions, I believe it is the next frontier. And there is no doubt so much left to discover about being human.

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