One Giant Leap

When you're an alpha dog you probably aren't any good at waiting. I'm an alpha pack of dogs, also prone to exaggerating. Here's an example of how it looks; when I walked through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I was clearly in the right place so I dove in. Deciding to do the 12 Steps in 12 days I wrote my amends letters to all the people I had screwed-over in the wake of my drinking. That was the first week. I accused my "Higher Power" of being lazy because things just were not happening fast enough. It isn't unusual for an addict to come through the doors of recovery guns-a- blazing. Fortunately I had someone to guide me through those first years so that I could see the beauty and value of a long, slow recovery.

Waiting is very important. In it there is so much that conspires to prepare you for what is next. Waiting has it's own DNA.

Last year I set out to change the foundation of my practice. Instead of learning more and more about theories related to psychotherapeutic applications I wanted to uncover a deeper, wider influencer of psychological healing and change (i.e. success) so I opened myself up to the bases that seemed to be in motion on the collective consciousness level. This lead me to Alex Guerrero, Co-founder of TB12 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. I had heard Tom Brady talking on our local sports station about a radical approach to nutrition and was startled at his attack on sugar and inflammation. It rang true. And it was very unfamiliar. That is always a sign for me to pay attention. Tom credited this new paradigm to Alex Guerrero. So I gave Alex a call.

This proved to be a jumping off point, a leap into an unknown and very compelling world of science. SCIENCE? I confess that my life's path has been less about choosing my dream career and more about avoiding science. But I knew I was witnessing something of a new paradigm, a new science of the body and I was curious and wondered; Could this help my clients? Could it help me be a better therapist? So I dove in.

While I cannot do justice explaining the incredible things Alex does for people through his practice at TB12 in Foxboro, which I will unabashedly recommend to everyone I know, I know that my practice has improved exponentially through his guidance on nutrition and education and on the amazing capacities of the mind when the body, mind and spirit are aligned and in balance nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually. There is no comparison. Undoubtedly I have become a better therapist and my clients are connecting the dots in their own healing process faster and with more conviction to change. The mind serves us when we give it a chance. It has the capacity to be motivated by the value in something rather than motivated by fear. This a giant evolutionary leap that has been needed so badly in the failing fields of psychotherapy. And remarkably means less time in therapy.

Wanting a new approach to my work, following something of interest, using the imagination to push out the old limits of the mind, these took effort, faith and waiting. Every effort has its own DNA, you can never know what the outcome will be but if you give it attention, imagination and interest you will usually land right. Why? Because life is always right.

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