A New Paradigm

When we experience something as true but very unfamiliar this is a feature, a characteristic of a new paradigm emerging in you or in a wider context or both.

My practice in Cambridge is a step out into a true but unfamiliar approach to psychotherapy; psychotherapy supported by plant-based nutrition, yoga and meditation. The truth is plant-based nutrition is not a new paradigm. Yoga isn't a new paradigm. Meditation isn't a new paradigm. But these offer, I believe the fertile ground for the new paradigm to germinate and grow. It is a mind-body paradigm that seems to be emerging but it is much greater than self care or optimizing physical performance. I think it has something to do with what Thomas Troward told us back in the 1920's, "The basis of all healing is a change in belief." In fact, he went on to say the unthinkable, that death is not organic to our nature and only a belief we hold. I love Thomas Troward. He was a very brave thinker. He was respected because he said things that rang true but were very unfamiliar. But what if dying were a belief and not a necessary or unavoidable part of life? Holy crap!

Today's quote is a sad one: "Even if we found The Fountain of Youth very few people would drink from it." Its meaning comes from my interest in cultivating a life that we would choose to extend. That's actually my goal for me and my clients; cultivating a life that we would choose to extend.

My best friend has told me many times that she doesn't want to continue living. My yoga teacher said yesterday that he often feels he would rather not be be alive and even my husband says he looks forward to the end of this life. Ugh. But they all agree that they would not like to be diagnosed with a terminal illness nor would they prefer their airplane fall from the sky. So what is this disconnect? They don't like their lives very much but they don't really want to die. I think I'll take a guess at what might be going on here. But I'll save it for tomorrow....

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