Susan B. Hagen, MA, MEd, Psychotherapist, is committed to working with individuals who seek a deeper self-awareness. Her private practice is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Susan Hagen is a natural teacher and communicator. Her passion is found in guiding people on their path to learning about themselves through discovery, risking vulnerability and beholding something new. As a private practitioner, Susan works with individuals who have experienced difficult childhoods and who desire healing at a deeper level.  She offers Inner-Child focused groups; a radical approach to healing through facing and dealing with  the unfinished business of the past and Present-focused groups; EIGHT WEEKS; Nutrition-Based Psychotherapy.


Susan Hagen is known for her straightforward approach to her work.


"I believe that someone who comes to me for guidance and help needs to feel and see real change within a short amount of time.  Although real change happens over time and is not always easy or comfortable, motivation to pursue this form of change comes through our initial sense of feeling hopeful that something will change for the better.  My gift is inciting this hope to change."


She is also known for her keen ability to communicate simply in order to access relevant information. Her sense of humor flows through her work effortlessly.  She is a master at helping people feel comfortable and challenged at the same time.  She originates from Northern Minnesota where her Norwegian-immigrant roots were cultivated.

Meet Susan

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