"Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on what you think, say and feel."

Deepak Chopra


Eight Weeks was developed to introduce you to your potential.  And to help you optimize your mind's power to work for you.

In order to do this we believe it is important to cultivate a healthy, nutritional lifestyle and,  in order to optimize your mind's peak performance it must be free of toxins and chemicals that slow or shut down it's natural functioning . During the Eight Weeks you will be invited to learn from a professional chef about plant-based cuisine that will motivate you to gravitate toward more nutritious choices. You will also be invited to attend a workshop that focuses on learning about the effects and optimal conditions  of a nutrition-based mind to inspire your greatest mental capacity to achieve balance and success in anything you want to do.  You will also be invited to dig deeper into movement and yoga to find inside benefits as well as outside.  And lastly you will be asked to seek your higher self through meditation while giving up your addiction to stress and worry.  

What you will learn is this:

Your brain, your cells and your whole body through affective and consistent self-care coupled with greater awareness can be guided to unleash the power of the whole mind and body to work for you. In fact, the whole system wants to work for you.  Every cell in your body is waiting to live YOU fully.

Your body is set up to serve your mind and your mind serves a belief system. If you want to know what your belief system looks like observe the results of your life, what it brings to you, its fruits, your health, etc.  There is incredible potential to bring your life into service of a new belief system because life supports this act, it will support you in this endeavor. Otherwise you live by default. Change on this level begins with new practices.  The Eight Weeks Program was inspired out of service to support you in this action.  It is our sincere belief that your actions will lead you to begin to feel the joy of true mastery and authenticity.

Most of us are working with a belief system that is not organic to ourselves, it was given to us. We actually are not the author of ourselves if we conform to a belief system that was not authored by us. Instead, we are working off a system that was derived by someone else's experience and a long time ago. We are, in effect, living unconsciously and without awareness of what we could be. Your mind supported by your healthy brain can give you that tremendous awareness. It is your new frontier; You are the pioneer discovering this unexplored terrain. 

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